Increase Reservoir Production

The technology has been proven to significantly reduce operating costs, capex and cost per barrel for operators in a large segment of the global ESP market, while actively increasing rates of production. The efficient pump design also reduces lifting costs and lowers overall horsepower required to lift fluid to the surface.

  • Increase uptime and production
  • Decrease intervention cost
  • Extend field life
  • Increase field valuation

Eliminate the Rig, Simplify Intervention

AccessESP intervenes with slickline, which allows you to avoid heavy work-over and maintain a live well. The technology can be beneficial in remote areas such as the Arctic, jungles, deserts or offshore locations, where changing a traditional ESP would take a long time because of rig availability and would mean significant loss of production. AccessESP provides a simplified conveyance solution for ESPs that doesn’t need a rig and uses lightweight equipment.

  • Limited disruption to operation and increased recovery
  • Optimized flexibility and minimized run lengths thanks to installation in 4 runs
  1. Run one — The wet-connect and motor assembly
  2. Run two — The pump and a mechanical unit ensure torque transfer from the motor
  3. Run three — Seals off the system against the tubing and avoids recirculation during operation
  4. Run four — The tubing stop locks the retrievable system in place
Conventional Installation (with Rig)
AccessESP (Rigless)
Wait time for rigs, if you can obtain one Low-cost standard slickline, coil tubing, or downhole tractor conveyance, readily available
ESP replacement in monthsRetrievable assembly replacement in hours
Significant lost productionMinimal lost production
Kill the well prior to replacementLubricator provides live well intervention
High intervention costsLow intervention costs
Large operational footprintSmall operational footprint
Large logistic and mobilization effortInstall and retrieve with a slickline unit and a crane
Up to 70%

Intervention cost savings compared to conventional ESP


Over 95% of well Uptime for all wells since commercialization.
72 hours
From 6 months to 72 hours to replace the ESP using slickline technology

Calculate how access ESP can help you reduce intervention costs

AccessESP lowers intervention costs by using standard slickline, coil tubing, or downhole tractors, with a small operational footprint, rather than expensive and often difficult-to-obtain workover rigs. We minimize lost production and non-productive time with the replacement of an ESP in hours, not months.

Is AccessESP right for me?

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