Reliability Centered Maintenance

An Operating Philosophy Focused on Maximizing Well Uptime

Creating an alternative to traditional “run-to-fail” practices, AccessESP brings unrivaled features to increase a well’s productivity and profitability through reliability centered maintenance. With reduced equipment and personnel risks, we improve system reliability and uptime by extending the equipment’s useful life.

The traditional way of working with ESP causes extensive equipment damage, production downtime, high costs and unplanned interventions when the equipment fails. Our solution reduces costs and allows you to implement equipment upgrades or retrofits during preventative maintenance runs. Contact us to learn how you implement planned interventions for well optimization and better inventory and asset management.


A Complete Lifecycle Solution

AccessESP’s technologically-advanced rigless ESP solution delivers flexibility, reliability and true well optimization.


Real-time Notifications and Alerts

Monitor performance as well as work orders when the equipment is running.


Basic Equipment Care

Easily retrieve equipment for routine maintenance based on operating conditions.


Planned Maintenance

Schedule maintenance once the equipment has completed a certain number of hours, based on well and fluid characteristics.

Preventative Maintenance

Traditional Maintenance

  • Run-to-failure an accepted practice
  • Unplanned and reactive maintenance
  • Disruptions to operations, resulting in down-time
  • Cost of repair or replacement significantly higher
  • Acceptable for environment with low probability of failure or when difficult or expensive to perform a preventative pull 
Large Component of Lifecycle Cost

AccessESP Reliability Centered Maintenance

  • Preventative maintenance, instead of run-to-failure
  • Decreased well intervention costs
  • Significantly reduced lifecycle cost
  • Less maintenance required during well life cycle
  • Bonus: increased well integrity and reservoir protection
Important Reduction of Lifecycle Cost

Why Should You Go Rigless with AccessESP?

Our wireline retrievable ESP system brings significant operational and economic benefits to all your artificial lift operations.

Is AccessESP Right for Me?

Talk to us about your wells and see how our rigless ESP technology can improve your well optimization.