Simplifying ESP/Artificial Lift System Integration and Installation

Our system:

  • Reduces installation time
  • Decreases rig time for ESP completions
  • Maintains compatibility with all existing ESP supplier systems
  • Eliminates completion running electrical failures
  • Fully integrates with AccessESP wireline retrievable ESP systems
  • Performs for up to 20 years

The encapsulated power cable is optional for harsh or complex well conditions.


Total Lifecycle Solution

AccessESP’s technologically-advanced rigless ESP solution allows you to shift away from the industry’s traditional “run-to-fail” approach.

AccessESP Power Delivery System Components

  • Encapsulated power cable (EPC)
  • EPC field dry-mate connectors
  • Packer assembly (when packer required)
  • Installation accessories and procedures
  • Cable feed-through tubing hanger
  • Wellhead/Christmas tree requirements
  • Gas handling scenarios

EPC Encapsulated Power Cable Specifications

EPC Encapsulated Power Cable TypeTemperature Range
degF (degC)
ProfileInsulationConductor Encapsulation
EPC Xtreme-40 to 350
(-40 to 177)
EPC Xceed-40 to 350
(-40 to 177)
EPC Xact-40 to 350
(-40 to 177)

EPC cables are delivered from factory to the well site with connectors attached, greatly simplifying the installation procedure.

You can also run standard cable above the packer for applications where the fluid in the annular space does not attack the cable.

Why Should You Go Rigless With AccessESP?

Our wireline retrievable ESP system brings significant operational and economic benefits to all your artificial lift operations.

How Does WRESP Measure Up?

See how our rigless ESP solution compares to other artificial lift methods.