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Developed over a 20-year period, with 21 permanent completions and 35 slickline runs/retrievals, our ESP technology leads the industry. By collaborating with operators throughout its development, it meets their needs for well design and intervention barrier policies.

Two field-proven technologies form the heart of the system: a permanent magnet motor and a side pocket wet connect system. This patented system works in 4.5” tubing, the majority of high value wells. It allows slickline retrieval without killing the well and full bore access when pulled.

Click the link below to get detailed tables on the technical specifications and comparisons of the different sizes of the Access375, Access450 and Access562 technologies.


Total Lifecycle Solution

AccessESP’s rigless ESP technology is a paradigm shift away from the industry’s traditional “run-to-fail” approach that delivers flexibility, reliability and true reservoir optimization.

Step 1

Run in well AccessESP Permanent Connection Port Assembly (Dock), as part of the completion

Step 2

SL Run 1

Plug Arm, Sensor, Motor, Seal

Step 3

SL Run 2

Intake, ESP Pump

Step 4

SL Run 3

Tubing Packoff

Step 5

SL Run 4

Tubing Stop

Side Pocket Wet Connect

The wet connect system and cable to surface are run on the packer/production tubing and form part of the permanent completion. The electrical connection is in a side pocket, designed to mitigate debris risk and enable full bore access when the pump/motor are pulled.

The current generation system has been developed with major operators and has been in use since 2014, proven reliable with multiple interventions.

In parallel with the PMM, an encapsulated power cable has been developed, with superior features and capabilities over its conventional ESP counterpart.

Permanent Magnet Motor

Learn more about the heart of the retrievable ESP system, the permanent Magnet Motor, and get to know how it performs better than conventional motors while being lighter.


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