Created by Operators for Operators

We worked with major operators to understand their needs and solve the main challenges of well production.
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    Lower Intervention Costs

Our ESP system lowers intervention costs, reduces lost production and provides full-bore access to the reservoir by eliminating the need for a workover rig.

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    Four Simple Stages

With AccessESP, you can quickly complete well interventions in four stages. A robust production-tubing landing string combined with a side-pocket-mounted downhole wet connector and a high-power permanent magnet motor (PMM) forms our rigless conveyance system. This comprises the permanent completion system and the slickline retrievable ESP assembly.

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    Compatible with ESP Suppliers

Now in its fourth generation, our system is compatible with ESP components from all major suppliers. Count on AccessESP when you need to replace existing ESPs or a gas lift.


Total Lifecycle Solution

AccessESP’s technologically-advanced rigless ESP solution delivers flexibility, reliability and true reservoir optimization.

Wireline Retrievable ESP Technology

We listened to operators’ well intervention challenges and launched a collaboration spanning two decades to create a solution. The result — a rigless ESP system that increases uptime and decreases well intervention costs. We’ve performed numerous permanent completions and slickline runs/retrievals and seen the benefits firsthand in wells in harsh environments.


Permanent Magnet Motor (PMM)

The AccessESP PMM forms the heart of the retrievable ESP system. It’s about one-fifth the length and weight of an equivalent conventional motor, making it efficient, compact and perfect to use in a live well.


Why Should You Go Rigless?

Our wireline retrievable ESP system brings significant operational and economic benefits to all your artificial lift operations.

How Does WRESP System Measure Up?

See how our rigless ESP system compares to other artificial lift methods.