Benefits of AccessESP for High Profile Wells

ESPs are high-volume pumps and are used in offshore, harsh, and environmentally sensitive locations. However, with their typical two-year run life, their potential in offshore and remote locations has been limited by the requirement for rig mobilization for any intervention—incurring high costs and deferred production—and the need to pull the production tubing to access the reservoir.

ESPs are never replaced unless they have failed. This means the design of the pumps must cover at least two years of the life of the well. During this time, production rates typically change. The production composition may also change from mostly oil to a mixture of oil and water. Therefore, it is necessary for the pump design to have a large operating range. This means that for most of the pump’s life, it will not operate in an optimal range. It is designed to operate at a point that is a compromise between the total flow rate and the life of the pump.

With AccessESP, the pump can be retrieved at any time to be optimized for the current known well conditions while leaving the motor in the well. Therefore, the pump may operate at a higher level of efficiency based on the actual well conditions, not from a design based on planned production. This affords the operator an optimized pump design with reduced lifting costs, longer pump run life and lower overall horsepower required to lift fluid to the surface.

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