Providing a Full Well Flowback Design, Operational Workflow and Controls

Flowback is a temporary post well completion process in which drilling and completion fluids remaining in the wellbore and formation are recovered to the surface by natural flow or assisted by a lifting methodology, with the objective of leaving the well ready for hydrocarbon production. When required, AccessESP can team and integrate with a Well Testing service provider to provide this integrated service during and post Flowback.

AccessESP provides a unique solution to effectively handle well flowback services.  No need to pull the tubing / well completion once the flowback is completed, AccessESP Permanent Completion (Dock) will be run in the well as part of the initial completion and for most cases will remain in the well after the flowback is completed. Once the flowback is completed, should the well requires a redesign or be initially produced with natural flow, the ESP (Retrievable Assembly) can be removed from the well leaving a full thru-bore that allows access to the lower completion for different kind of interventions (perforating, thru-tubing bridge plugs, well logging, etc.).

When these services are provided as part of AccessESP flowback services, AccessESP provides a full well flowback design and operational workflow and controls. Fully compliant with HSE rules and policies, multiskilled technicians will be on site from the time the operation takes place to the end of the operation and demobilization.

To optimize Wellbore process, data collection is also included as part of the services with pump intake pressure and temperature that shall serve to efficiently manage the operation together with surface wellhead data.

Leaving AccessESP Permanent Completion (Dock) in the well post flowback and when the well is initially produced with natural flow, this allows for a later installation of the ESP when reservoir pressure and produced fluid changes without the need of pulling the tubing – the well is already instrumented with the Permanent Connector.

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