Benefits of AccessESP in Gas Lift Situations

Gas lift is another artificial lift methodology that uses an external source of high-pressure gas that helps reduce the density of the produced fluids in the tubing, thus, the bottom hole or hydrostatic pressure and allowing incremental well fluid to be produced to surface.

The unique rigless ESP conveyance system from AccessESP greatly reduces intervention costs and the operational footprint for pump and motor change out. The system has been used in various fluids, H2S and CO2 applications, sand-laden environments, and horizontal and vertical wells.

We use standard slickline, coiled tubing, or downhole tractors instead of expensive and difficult-to-source workover rigs. A slickline unit is mobilized to location, and once the ESP system is retrieved, the operator can complete any number of reservoir operations (e.g., logging, perforating).

Our system also provides fullbore reservoir access for through-tubing, live-wellbore production operations.

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