A Game-Changing Rigless Conveyance System

The wireline retrievable ESP system is a commercially viable technology proven in challenging environments and successfully operating in fields globally

The application of this technology significantly reduces the cost of operating ESP wells with its innovative ESP deployment system, allowing ESPs to be replaced through tubing using slickline. This leads to reduced capital expenditure and cost per barrel for operators in a large segment of the global ESP market while actively increasing rates of production. In addition, AccessESP’s solution is becoming a good alternative to gas lift.

High Profile ESP

High Profile ESPs applications are associated with sand, corrosion, temperature, viscosity, scaling, and others that compromise well production uptime and economic value. Because of high intervention costs, companies don’t replace ESPs unless they fail. This means pumps must operate for at least three years of the well’s life. However, production rates fluctuate. For most of a pump’s life, it won’t operate in the optimal range. It will function at a level that is a compromise between the total flow rate and the life of the pump. AccessESP solution affords the operator an optimized pump design with reduced lifting costs, longer pump run life and lower overall horsepower required to lift fluid to the surface.

Alternative to Gas Lift

Gas lift is another artificial lift methodology that uses an external source of high-pressure gas that helps reduce the density of the produced fluids in the tubing, thus, the bottom hole or hydrostatic pressure and allowing incremental well fluid to be produced to surface. Learn why AccessESP is now a valid alternative to gas lift applications around the world.

Flowback Services

Flowback is a temporary post well completion process in which drilling and completion fluids remaining in the wellbore and formation are recovered to the surface by natural flow or assisted by a lifting methodology, with the objective of leaving the well ready for hydrocarbon production. 

AccessESP technology provides a very efficient solution for well flowback that allows the ESP to be retrieved from the well once the flowback is completed, leaving the well with full thru-bore access.

Flexible Solution for New and Existing ESP Wells

AccessESP is designed to work with a variety of options within your production strategy, whether installing a new ESP well or upgrading an existing ESP system. Our designs focus on reliability, simplicity and efficiency at the well site.

Size3.75”, 4.50" and 5.62” outer diameter
Power Ratings130HP to 1300HP
Tubing4 ½”, 5 ½” and 7”
PumpAny industry standard ESP pump
InterventionLive well or dead well intervention
FlowAnnular flow or in-line flow
Gas HandlingCompatible with industry standard equipment

Success Stories

With installations around the world, our unique system addresses the high intervention costs and deferred production typical of offshore, remote onshore, and high-production ESP wells.