To complete the retrievable system it was necessary to develop a permanent magnet motor. These high power density motors are much shorter and lighter weight, enabling standard slickline run/retrieval operations.

AccessESP has the only system offering the full benefits of rig-less deployed ESPs with no “pain of change” in 4.5” tubing, enabled by our PMMs.

AccessESP deployed its first ESP PMM in its retrievable system in 2009. The latest, fourth-generation design has been in use since 2014 with no failures.


Why a system working in 4.5” tubing is preferred:

  • Pumps that fit in 4.5” tubing (3.80”, 400 series) operate to 7,000 bbl/d, covering 90%+ of the wireline retrievable ESP wells with significant value from the system
  • 4.5” tubing requires few (or no) changes to existing well designs, wellheads, casing programs, completions and production trees
  • Drilling, completion, and intervention programs are standard and operator policy compliant for this well design



  1. ESP pump and motor pulling operations generate significant debris, which falls down the tubing. The AccessESP wet connect is protected inside a side pocket mandrel. ESP Company 2 wet connect sits in the path of any falling debris.
  2. Most operators with these wells rigidly adhere to dual pressure barrier policies throughout all operations. AccessESP is the only system fully compliant with dual barrier policies during initial installation of the permanent completion (docking system) and all subsequent slickline operations with no special completion equipment. Other ESP company systems require special completion equipment and additional control lines for compliant live-well operation. Without this additional equipment, the well must be killed.
  3. Typical Middle East, 250 HP, 5,000 bbl/d system
  4. The AccessESP power delivery system (Encapsulated Power Cable) has been jointly developed with 2 major operators and represents a step change over the current ESP cable, unchanged for decades