Harsh West Texas Conditions Prove No Match for Artificial Lift Company’s Rigless ESP Conveyance System


ODESSA, TEXAS, October 17, 2012 — Artificial Lift Company (ALC) today announced continued success with its rigless ESP system when the equipment was pulled out of and reinstalled in a ConocoPhillips West Texas test well. This new generation system is undergoing long-term testing to establish its viability for deployment in the challenging conditions of Alaska.

The relationship between ConocoPhillips and ALC originated in 1997 when ConocoPhillips recognized the criticality to being able to run and retrieve ESPs without a rig, to reduce costs and deferred production.

“ConocoPhillips was pivotal in the early commercialization of our rigless ESP conveyance system, enabling us to bring our technology to the marketplace and serving as a reliable partner in proving the cost savings and productivity optimization that operators enjoy with this product,” said Alex Kosmala, ALC President and CEO. “Regardless of the difficult well conditions in West Texas, the system continues to operate reliably in this test well. We look forward to future success with the West Texas installation.”

“I am pleased that we accomplished our goal of pulling and rerunning the rigless ESP system,” stated John Patterson, ConocoPhillips Global Production Engineering Chief. “We discovered that the harsh downhole environment had created a hole in the bottom of the lower seal section, shorting the motor and halting the operation. Notwithstanding the amount of scale recovered with the equipment, we were able to plug back into the downhole wet connector and it worked on the first try. There have now been six plug-ins to the same downhole wet connect, demonstrating system repeatability in a vertical well.”

The slickline-deployable ALC system ESP includes a light and compact permanent magnet motor and it is compatible with industry-standard surface and downhole hardware. Eliminating the requirement of a rig for intervention reduces downtime for operators, and creates significant cost savings.

About ALC
ALC is the leading provider of rigless ESP deployment technology for the oil industry. Its unique system addresses the high intervention costs and deferred production typical of offshore, remote onshore, and high-production ESP wells. The technology is compatible with ESP components from all major suppliers. The company is also the recognized leader in permanent magnet motors, an efficient alternative to conventional ESP induction motors.

AccessESP was founded in 2002 in the UK, and is headquartered in Houston, where it conducts joint research and funded technology development projects with leading operators. For more information, visit accessesp.com or email info@accessesp.com.