Artificial Lift Company and ConocoPhillips Install and Operate World’s First Fully Deployable and Retrievable Rigless ESP System


ODESSA, TEXAS, May 4, 2009—Artificial Lift Company (ALC) announced today that a 3.8-in ESP system was redeployed without a rig in a ConocoPhillips well using an ALC downhole wet connect design. The system can be deployed by wireline inside 4 1/2-in tubing and can produce up to 400 hp using conventional drives.

ConocoPhillips and ALC have spent five years developing and testing this groundbreaking system that radically decreases ESP completion operating costs and could greatly expand ESP usage.

The system has been designed by a team under the supervision of ALC Technical Director Phil Head and with the support and guidance of ESP expert John Patterson of ConocoPhillips. The deployment in Odessa was jointly managed by ConocoPhillips and the ALC team under Operations Manager Peter Moulsdale.

About ALC
ALC is the leading provider of rigless ESP deployment technology for the oil industry. Its unique system addresses the high intervention costs and deferred production typical of offshore, remote onshore, and high-production ESP wells. The technology is compatible with ESP components from all major suppliers. The company is also the recognized leader in permanent magnet motors, an efficient alternative to conventional ESP induction motors.

AccessESP was founded in 2002 in the UK, and is headquartered in Houston, where it conducts joint research and funded technology development projects with leading operators. For more information, visit or email