Artificial Lift Company Changes Name to AccessESP


HOUSTON, August 6, 2014 — Artificial Lift Company (ALC) has changed its name to AccessESP to better communicate the value proposition of its unique and practical ESP conveyance technologies. The company unveiled its new name, logo, and website today.

The new name reflects the industry’s need to radically simplify the process of deploying ESPs and provide easy fullbore reservoir access in ESP lifted wells. For remote wellsites with challenging logistics and offshore locations, maximizing the value of ESP wells while simplifying ESP conveyance without a costly workover rig is crucial. Since 2008, the company’s streamlined technological focus has provided simplified rigless ESP conveyance solutions that greatly reduce intervention cost, NPT, and lost production for international and national oil companies worldwide.

“I am pleased to announce our company’s name change to AccessESP, a name that accurately reflects our unique technology. This also serves as an opportunity to reintroduce our approach of partnering with ESP providers to deliver a rigless, slickline-deployable, through-tubing, fullbore-access ESP solution that provides all the functionality of a conventional ESP,” said David Malone, AccessESP President & CEO.

About AccessESP
AccessESP is the leading provider of rigless ESP deployment technology for the oil industry. With installations around the world, its unique system addresses the high intervention costs and deferred production typical of offshore, remote onshore, and high-production ESP wells. The technology is compatible with ESP components from all major suppliers. The company is also the recognized leader in permanent magnet motors, an efficient alternative to conventional ESP induction motors.

AccessESP was founded in 2002 in the UK, and is headquartered in Houston, where it conducts joint research and funded technology development projects with leading operators. For more information, visit or email