Our experienced team reacts quickly and efficiently to develop solutions to match our clients’ requirements. Our slickline retrievable assembly comes in a variety of sizes and power ratings. It is integrated with industry standard ESP components, with in-line and annular options that work with or without a lubricator. One-time installation of the permanent completion is similar in all respects to conventional ESP deployment. Once the permanent completion is deployed, installing and retrieving the slickline assembly can be completed in hours. It is as simple as replacing a gas lift valve.

We have extended the concept of simple conveyance to our installation processes, engineering unique solutions to every day challenges encountered in a conventional ESP installation. Our modular assemblies are vacuum filled before arriving on location. We have developed unique connections that reduce time for installation operations at the wellsite and increase reliability of the our operations.

Flexible Solution for New and Existing ESP Wells

AccessESP is designed to work with a variety of options within your production strategy, whether installing a new ESP well or upgrading an existing ESP system.

Size 3.75”, 4.50" and 5.62” outer diameter
Power Ratings 130HP to 1300HP
Tubing 4 ½”, 5 ½” and 7”
Pump Any industry standard ESP pump
Intervention Live well or dead well intervention
Flow Annular flow or in-line flow
Gas Handling Compatible with industry standard equipment

Consistent and Reliable Delivery Processes

Since 2008, our patented technology has been field tested, optimized, and installed globally for IOCs and NOCs. Through continual improvement in our technology and installation processes, we minimize installation time, simplify deployment, and maximize reliability while creating a safe environment for employees and clients.

Click on each step of our process to see how you get can from concept to installation.

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Contact AccessESP

Contact one of our offices worldwide to discuss AccessESP’s radically simplified rigless conveyance system.


Define Well Specifications

Work with AccessESP to define your well specifications, current ESP systems, and your production strategy.


Specify Preferred ESP and Other Customizations

AccessESP works with industry standard ESP components of our clients’ choice. Let us know what pump and other components you want to convey, and we will integrate them into the design of our slickline retrievable assembly.


Approve Proposal

AccessESP will provide a detailed proposal, with our installation promise to you and itemized cost of each ESP component.


AccessESP Manufactures and Assembles Equipment

AccessESP’s systems are manufactured internally to our strict design requirements, quality checked and then assembled at our facility in Houston.


AccessESP Tests Equipment

We thoroughly screen and test both the slickline retrievable assembly and the permanent completion, in real well temperature and fluid conditions, at our state of the art testing facility in Houston.



Our equipment is delivered preconfigured and assembled, with no oil filling and minimal well-site make-up. We send our conveyance experts to each installation to work with your team, the ESP provider, and the slickline contractor at the well site.