We have integrated two field-proven technologies, a permanent magnet motor and a side pocket wet connect system, into a patented solution consisting of a tubing-mounted permanent completion and a slickline retrievable assembly.


Install Tubing-Mounted Permanent Completion

This is a one-time procedure


Convey Slickline Retrievable Assembly


Slickline Assembly Connects to the Permanent Completion

Whenever there is a need to retrieve the assembly to gain Access:




Disconnect Slickline Assembly


Retrieve Slickline Assembly


When ready, back to step 2

Repeat as many times as needed

Permanent Magnet Motor

Our lightweight, high power density permanent magnet motor is one fifth the weight and length of most conventional motors.

Our slickline retrievable assembly integrates our motor with industry standard ESP components.

Because of the retrievable assembly’s light weight, we can install and retrieve it through tubing, in shut-in or live wells, with a low-cost standard slickline unit—without the need for a workover rig.

Our PMM Motor Conventional Motor
9.1ft.   51.2ft.
235lbs.   1,908lbs.


Side Pocket Wet Connect System

Our permanent completion is installed with the production tubing.

The side pocket wet connect system then seamlessly connects the slickline retrievable assembly to the permanent completion.

And we can retrieve the assembly just as easily.