We believe that ESPs are often the best artificial lift option to cost effectively maximize reservoir recovery and production. However, the full potential of ESPs in offshore and remote locations has been limited by two key challenges: rig deployment with its associated high intervention costs, non-productive time, and lost production; and the inability to access the reservoir without pulling the production tubing. AccessESP’s solution uniquely addresses these challenges.

Lower Intervention Costs and Minimal Lost Production

Conventional Installation (with Rig)   AccessESP (Rigless)
Wait time for rigs, if you can obtain one   Low-cost standard slickline, coil tubing, or downhole tractor conveyance, readily available
ESP replacement in months   Retrievable assembly replacement in hours
Significant lost production   Minimal lost production
Kill the well prior to replacement   Lubricator provides live well intervention
High intervention costs   Low intervention costs
Large operational footprint   Small operational footprint
Large logistic and mobilization effort   Install and retrieve with a slickline unit and a crane

Flexible Full Bore Reservoir Access

No access below the pump   Full bore access for stimulation, clean-out, zonal isolations, and other operations
Limited wellbore production options and value   Maintain all wellbore options for future remediation and enhanced recovery