AccessESP traces its origins to 1995, when a major operator recognized that for its Alaska asset to remain viable it needed to address the high intervention costs and long periods of lost production caused by ESP failures. So began a 20 year journey to an operator driven and proven slickline retrievable ESP completion system, one compatible with any ESP company downhole pump and surface VSD.

Approximately 4,000 of the 125,000 global ESP wells, just 3%, deliver 24% of the oil produced by ESPs. These high value wells, nearly all 4.5” tubing, are the current AccessESP market. There have been 21 wells completed with 35 successful retrievals to date.

Along the way, unique technologies have been developed with significant potential to extend the application of ESPs, overcoming long standing limitations. AccessESP has established a reputation as an innovative and effective R&D joint development partner with a number of major operators.

Access ESP has an experienced and passionate team, combining engineering, product development, manufacturing, and deep operational knowledge.

What We Believe In

We believe that ESPs have been a neglected technology, their full potential  ESPs has, to date, been limited not by the ESP concept but by 80-year-old, rig-based, intrusive conveyance methods. We believe that through the implementation of our practical and unique rigless conveyance solution, we provide a simple, fast, and low-impact way to install and retrieve ESPs to maximize our clients’ production.

Practical technology

Since 2008, we have tested, field-trialed, and installed AccessESP conveyance solutions in live production wells around the world for IOCs and NOCs.  We design, develop, and manufacture every system at our own facility.  We have simplified the hardware and assembly, testing, and installation processes for consistent and reliable delivery while still offering significant design flexibility for our clients.

Field-proven tools and processes

Our unique solution is based on technologies with longstanding use in the oilfield and other industries.  Our innovation has been to integrate these proven technologies into a radically simplified rigless conveyance solution.

Experienced and passionate team in a responsive and focused organization

We combine internal product development expertise, manufacturing experience, and deep operational knowledge with the responsiveness and focus of an entrepreneurial organization. Since 2008, we have applied our passion for rigless conveyance in continually improving our products, processes, and systems.